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Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are a problem for many people.   Many companies and products claim to have the "magic cure" for them but no one can truly deliver.  That is because there is no true cure for enlarged pores.  There are many products and prodecures that will minimize their appearance; however, few if any will be found "over the counter".

What are Pores?
Skin pores are nothing more than the port in the skin from which hair grows and the skin's natural oil is released onto the skin.  Everyone has pores, but not everyones's are easily visible to the naked eye. 

What causes enlarged pores?
Pores appear enlarged for many reasons.  Probably the most common is genetics--you are just born with them.  Oily skin also causes pores to appear enlarged because the skin tends to become thickened.  Hygiene can also cause this.  If oils or skin, cells which are usually shed, are allowed to collect around the pores, the pores will have the appearance of being enlarged.  Sun damage is also a key factor.  Years of sun causes the outer layer of skin to become thickened which leads to this appearance.  Also, the loss of collagen, elastin and water in the skin from sun damage causes the tissues beneath the skin to shrink pulling down the edges of the pore.  Thus causing them to appear enlarged.  

Black Heads!
Black heads are columns of sebum, the skin's natural oil, that has not been allowed to drain to the skin's surface.  These oils are blocked by skin cells which have not been properly shed.  Over time, the sebum hardens.  The sebum at the skin surface is in contact with air which causes oxidation to occur and turns the outer most portion to black, giving the typical appearance of a black head.

There is no cure for enlarged pores.  Our treatments target the causes of enlarged pores to help diminish their appearance.  The keys to diminishing their appearance are:

     1.  Unplugging the pore to allow the sebum to drain.
       2.  Eliminating bacteria from within the pore.
       3.  Reducing excessive oiliness.
       4.  Removing existing black heads.
       5.  Smoothing the edges around the pore.
       6.  Reducing sun damage.
       7.  Increasing collagen production.
       8.  Maintaining adequate hydration.

Maintaining healthy looking skin is a daily task.  Both a healthy lifestyle and the proper skin care regimen are necessary to maintain your results.  Avoid tobacco and alcohol, and stay well hydrated.  Antioxidants such as SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic as well as the continued use of exfoliating creams or serums are very important.  However, the most important cosmoceutical is your sunblock, especially immediately after the procedure.  Always wear a “full” spectrum sunblock with an SPF of 20 or higher to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.  Your skin care specialist will recommend an individualized skin care program to maximize and maintain your results. 

Consultations are required to determine which treatments are necessary to diminish your enlarged pores.

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